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I'm going to start micro-blogging in 2022. Hopefully this will be easier than maintaining an actual blog???

It's alive!!! In theory only....
Post Mortem: Rs-Book-Downloader

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whenever one of my friends says "hey ben you should host a multiplayer game server so we can play multiplayer game together" this happens:

they play like 2 hours
the rest of my friends play like 6 hours
I play 12 hours

Starting work in an office tomorrow. Time to become the SHSL Salaryman.

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You're in a living room in The Spire of the Impalas.
Collections of small, purple crystals are growing everywhere and the room is completely devoid of furniture.

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just use XML instead it's what the cool kids are using. the first tag's free


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Perhaps he was contributing to a kind of echo of an isolated childhood, to focus entirely on the wall, been hurt by it on the ground.

A short retrospective on the command line anime downloader I wrote many moons ago:

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snails and food 

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<in the most fucked mood imaginable voice> I'm gonna eat something and work on code more

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I was able to rest up. I feel restless.

— Bim Bomrektitthal, broker

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I don't have to be cool again? I want a grilled cheese sandwiches.

Trading one type of unhappiness for another? Anything to feel something again

“You slew before, and your next slay will be even better”

Spiders spiders everywhere and not a drop to drink

The great unraveling of Nathan. If I don’t destroy a wall by my own hand within the next 3 days it will be a miracle.

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