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It was raining on me. It makes me so grouchy!

— Sitsu Musdaciro, Human Bard

@schratze getting two life sized _____ tattooed on my butt

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Operating system?
I sure hope it is.

Suffering from success but it’s suffering from mediocrity

@charlotte the urge I have to make this a laptop sticker is so great

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~ sleep definitely feels like a conspiracy "yea you have to go into a 'bed' for 8 hours every day and do noþing except 'sleep', no i'm not a bed manufacturer bro i swear" .

@schratze me (two brain cells): bird call app?? Why open twitter right now


It's alive!!! In theory only....
Post Mortem: Rs-Book-Downloader

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whenever one of my friends says "hey ben you should host a multiplayer game server so we can play multiplayer game together" this happens:

they play like 2 hours
the rest of my friends play like 6 hours
I play 12 hours

Starting work in an office tomorrow. Time to become the SHSL Salaryman.

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You're in a living room in The Spire of the Impalas.
Collections of small, purple crystals are growing everywhere and the room is completely devoid of furniture.

@milan maybe your account was sold to yubikey and this has all been a secret ploy to get me to buy a yubikey. you won't win i'm stronger than this (possibly)

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