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I was able to rest up. I feel restless.

β€” Bim Bomrektitthal, broker

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I don't have to be cool again? I want a grilled cheese sandwiches.

Trading one type of unhappiness for another? Anything to feel something again

β€œYou slew before, and your next slay will be even better”

Spiders spiders everywhere and not a drop to drink

The great unraveling of Nathan. If I don’t destroy a wall by my own hand within the next 3 days it will be a miracle.

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as somebody who worked in tech but got fed up w it, i'm loving the return to basics i see, open protocols, no ads, personal static sites, linux, low-res, webrings, small communities... appropriate technology and "Small Is Beautiful"...

Drowning yourself in work is not a tenable emotional coping strategy. It’s worked for at least 1/3 of a year tho

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I walked toward it, suddenly sobered up enough to find him gone from beside me.

I haven't felt a real emotion in 71 days and that's not even the longest streak.

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I will never care about anything ever again AND I will remain vulnerable to the decentering power of beauty. Just fucking watch me.

Reinstalled the rootkit to play with friends. If only I could be good at the game


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